Lee Charles Landscapes-Paving Specialists Essex DRIVEWAY PAVING SPECIALIST ESSEX

Lee Charles Landscapes are Driveway Paving Specialist Essex. We carry out various installation’s of Driveway’s all over Essex,Kent & London.

We are the Driveway Paving Specialist Essex.

We know how important it is to get the perfect finish to a Driveway, take a look at this finished installation using Regatta‘s popular cobble effect Paving.

This Driveway was completed with Brick Walling to all sides which complimented the colour of the Drive.

Regatta Paving comes in a choice of three colour’s:

  • Autumn Gold
  • Burnt Oak
  • Silver Haze

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As a Driveway Paving Specialist Essex we think the rippled surface of the Block is perfect for traditional settings.

Regatta is available in four sizes including a jumper Block & is 60mm thick. The pictures of the Driveway show the Regatta Block’s are laid in a stretcher bond pattern.

Regatta Paving can be used for numerous installation’s as you can see below.

A Regatta circle is a superb focal point for creating a distinctive Patio Design like the above picture.

Driveway Paving Specialist Essex

Paving Specialist Essex
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