Installation of Decking Romford by Lee Charles Landscapes, the complete Landscaping company.

We undertake many different kinds of Landscaping projects at Lee Charles Landscapes. Decking installations give a totally different impact to any Paving installations. Like many projects you can create as much detail as the budget will allow you to. With our help and guidance throughout the installation process we believe you will not be disappointed. We have chosen this particular job to show you as there were many key factors involved from the clearing process to the finished article. This job can also be seen in the Garden Design category by clicking here.

Clearance is underway with the overgrown bramble and weeds being removed. The existing side Fence has been removed & also disposed of via our skip.

Before Fence Installation by Lee Charles LandscapesDecking Installation underway by Lee Charles Landscapes







DECKING installation in ROMFORD

In the following pictures you can see the area is cleared and the perimeter Fences have been installed. By completing the Fencing allows us to take our framework measurements so we can install a square frame ready for the Decking.

To help you choose the ideal style, configuration and materials for your deck,  we will as a Decking contractor come up with a design that complements your exterior surroundings as well as being structurally sound.( That’s incase you haven’t any ideas of your own ).

Fencing by Lee Charles LandscapesFencing by Lee Charles LandscapesDecking Frame by Lee Charles Landscapes

Decking Frame - Lee Charles Landscapes






As you can see that the framework has been constructed and levelled,this is propped up with bricks. The next stage is to put in our posts which will take the weight of the frame,boards and people etc. Our posts are dug into the ground and secured to the frame at equal intervals apart. They are then encased in our c30 mix concrete and allowed to dry, this will strengthen the structure and minimise any movement.


Before we were able to fix the Decking boards to the framework we installed our Landscaping fabric which will eliminate any weed growth below the Decking. We were then ready to install our Decking boards to the framework and complete the last stage of our installation. I would emphasise that there is a lot of effort/cost that has to be done at the preparation stage. All our installations of Decking including the Decking Romford pictures seen on this page will be processed the same. All our installations are screwed together and nothing is nailed like most companies will do.

Deck boards going in - Lee Charles LandscapesDecking by Lee Charles LandscapesDecking Specialists RomfordDecking Romford - Lee Charles Landscapes






DECKING REVIEW ROMFORD – Lee Charles Landscapes

New decking, patio, fencing and pathway needed (Landscape Gardening)

Lee completed our decking, fencing, patio and pathway project to an extremely high standard. Communication was excellent throughout, with often daily updates keeping us advised of how things were progressing.

We were particularly impressed with how Lee overcame a number of unforeseen challenges – his advice was practical, and his approach professional. Throughout the job disruption to neighbouring properties was kept to an absolute minimum.

The work was fairly priced, with staged labour payments falling due only when major parts of the job were completed.

We wouldn’t hesitate to reccomend Lee – his availability is well worth waiting for.

cjohnl – 1st Nov, 2012


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